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Membership gives former world class athletes like you a hub for networking, growing and learning so that you can leverage your sports career in life after sports
Life after sports doesn't have to be dull!
What is Athlete Story Club?

Athlete Story Club is a private, global network for former world class athletes who want to
- connect with other former athletes and
- use their sports career as a platform for new exciting opportunities

As an athlete, you know the power of practice and putting yourself out there. Other people recognize elite athletes for having these qualities. But when we are to use them in life after sports, doubt usually sets in. Why? Because we've been conditioned to think that we need to have something to "fall back on."

The Athlete Story Club is about the power of networking and leveraging the skills and experience we already have as world class athletes to develop and generate value from where we are. We have a different background than our non-athlete friends or family and it's okay to want to use that.

You don't have to start over from zero. You don't have to go back in line and try to fit in and catch up.

Read more about the benefits of membership below.

What you'll get
Great connections!
Network with other former world class athletes..You will get invited to online events that are included in your membership and get PRIORITY and DISCOUNTS to in-person events.
Direct advice
Access to Athlete Story panel. 
You can send in a  problem of your own or a dilemma you're in and the panel will take it up for discussion and give you their personalized advice on that exact situation.
Training, guidance, practice
You will get access to mini-trainings and challenges that will get your momentum going and develop your skills in areas that are crucial to leveraging your sports career in life after sports.
I'll be your host - and first great connection :)

I'm Anja Bolbjerg, founder of Athlete Story. I'm a 2x Olympic finalist in moguls skiing and former Freeride World Tour skier.

I have been through retirement form sports not once, but twice, myself. 
I've felt how easy it is to lose momentum in life after sport trying to find your new mission. And I've seen how other athletes have struggled with this as well, trying to "fit in."

We want to prove ourselves outside of our sport. We don't want to be that former athlete who's living in past glory. 

And on the other hand, we know we have something to bring to the table as former top level athletes. I want to help you define that and use that so that you can tap into that competitive advantage. That's my mission with ATHLETE STORY CLUB.
How you can benefit from joining Athlete Story Club:
  • Environment of excellence. You will stay in that athletic environment and mindset of practicing and putting yourself out there on game day to get results.
  • Awesome connections. You will get a direct connection with other former world class athletes who are either going through the same as you right now – or who have been there
  • World class team. You will get access to different experts who understand how to leverage your athletic mindset and world class sports background to land your dream job or become a successful entrepreneur or help you with personal development and defining your identity in life after sports.
  • Adapted training facilities. You will get access to special trainings created for athletes who want to leverage their sports career to be successful and thrive in life after sports.
  • Support and entourage. You can keep momentum by having people who understand where you come from to spar with and bounce your ideas off.
Sounds great to be part of this exclusive community for former world class athletes?
- Of course it does, right ;)
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What makes this community different from other athlete communities?

The general advice for athletes in transition is that we need to have something "to fall back on" as athletes. It's not a bad idea – but as athletes we know that if you want to succeed in sports, that has to be your clear priority. So even if you did study while competing – it was probably not a priority then and you didn't develop a big passion for anything or it didn't give you any clarity on what you want to work with.

At Athlete Story we take a different approach. We don't think we have to fall back anywhere. We have an athlete story and we can leverage and own that for life, like other people own a degree or an MBA – if we do it right.

So don't lose too much momentum trying to fit in when you have a great chance of standing out!

As a member of the Athlete Story Club you will be in a framework where you can find guidance and support to help you find and develop your strengths and re-ignite your fierceness as an athlete for a successful and exciting career after sport.

Who is Anja Bolbjerg?

With 20 years on the international skiing scene, the keywords in Anja Bolbjerg’s skiing career are longevity, persistence and passion. She counts 2 Olympic finals, one World Cup victory and 25 top10 finishes in the physically challenging discipline of moguls skiing.

12 years after being at her best in moguls skiing, she launched a second skiing career by qualifying for the prestigious Freeride World Tour reserved for the top 10 freeride skiers in the World.

It was not all successes though. While leading the world cup one month before the Olympics as the only ever skier from a country with no mountains, she herniated 2 discs in the lower back.

This was the beginning of 6 years of struggle with extreme pain, one injury after the other – and a whole lot of comebacks.

How Anja has leveraged her sports career

While Anja got a masters degree in engineering, it was her skill set, passion and experience in world-class sports that brought her to work with sustainable energy at a whole other level than originally imagined. 

Since retiring from competitive sports, Anja has helped athletes and executive athletes manage their personal energy system.

It all started with the physical aspect of preparation for performance and overcoming set-backs. Through her personal athlete story with its various injuries and comebacks, Anja developed a fascination for the power that we all have to influence our body and prepare it specifically with the right training and conditioning.

The first time I felt that another person could benefit from my unique skill set and experience was incredibly satisfying and exciting. Somehow I didn’t expect that. I thought I had to become an engineer!” says Anja.

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